Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Glued to the computer

Sunny day inside Donut Doctor
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I love this photo, but the place I took it in--Donut Doctor, a donut/ice cream place at Lawrence & Kimball--turned out to be quite bleak. I didn't have any donuts. But perhaps I'll check in on them again when I go out today to get shots of a beautiful building a block east. I'd noticed it'd become suspiciously devoid of businesses and now according to this great post at A Chicago Sojourn, it's going to be demolished.

Other than that...well, when I'm not replacing 100s of photos on my Flickr photostream (I'm 1/3 of the way through!) with larger-sized ones, I'm deleting 100s of duplicate photos from iPhoto so I have room to upload new shots to the computer (from a very fun Sunday of exploration...not to mention more of the shots from last Sunday's Gary exploration), or I'm combing through 100s of blogs to add a new non-Chicago culture/politics section to the blogroll. I've tried to take time away from these obsessive tasks to read books, and cook, and go out. But I've also been a little sick (cold, not flu). I'm usually only sick one or two days a year, but this has been five days, though only Sat. and Sun. (the days I ran around cold buildings, and interacted with actual people, not just the computer) felt truly unpleasant.

Yesterday Flickr seemed to go haywire for people using Safari, so I'm back to Firefox, which I'm pleased to see still works on my computer (when I last tried it months ago it didn't). Right after midnight last night the power on my block (just the north side) went out for 40 minutes. When the power came back, my small TV didn't work when I tried to turn it back on, so I had to dig through piles of junk to be able to unplug it and move it to a different place (works now) and when I did so, I found many of my winter clothes I hadn't properly put away last year, and now my winter wardrobe has almost doubled and I'm almost hoping it stays cold so I can wear all these sweaters and velvety pants and whatnot.

I'm sure I could give you many more examples of the bizarre and obsessive things I've been up to, but I'd better get out of the apartment now. Next post will be about additions to and reshuffling of the blogroll.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Donut Doctor. I work a few blocks from here so I go whenever I can and the coffee and donuts are always amazingly good. Yea, it looks like a dump and there are usually questionable people hanging around but the coffee is so worth it. They always get it just right for me.

The ice cream isn't bad either. I took a friend here when we were in desperate need and couldn't find any place else and I gave her the "Now I know this looks like a hole in the wall...trust me" speech and she ended up loving it.

So give it another try.