Thursday, January 10, 2008

New for 2008!

Colorful cabinets
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A Flickr photo? Doesn't that mean I'm lazy, unmotivated, and depressed? Well, as for the latter--I was in an awful sleep-deprived misery last night. I'm feeling better now, but still feel bad because now TWO good guy-friends have gotten sick from food from a place on my block. (This time a restaurant, not a bakery.) Neither got sick from food I made, I hasten to point out. And at least this time, it wasn't on Christmas (yes, I inadvertenly gave someone food poisoning on Christmas, in 2005).

But if you'll notice, this photo comes from a NEW Flickr account. (It was a favorite on my main account, so yes, I've posted it twice.) This morning, I set up the second account I'd promised, one just for my collections of stuff. Mostly 1950s-1970s, hence the name. (I couldn't believe "Mod as Hell" wasn't taken, but then maybe I'm the only person who thinks that's clever anyway. "Busy Gal" [the name of an early Barbie outfit] was taken as an email name, but I'm using it for my "occupation.")

So, a little motivation. But lazy? Yes, here's text from Mod As Hell's profile, so you'll know what I'll be posting there:
"I just created this second account to serve as a delightful repository for photos and scans of my vast, vast collections of colorful and kitschy pop culture detritus. My apartment is filled with thousands of (not thousands of each, but thousands of things total) vintage things: pulp novels, home ec guides, beauty and dating advice books, recipe booklets, dishes and barware, dresses, hats, shoes, purses, ties, sewing patterns, Barbie and friends dolls, record albums, and so forth. And many other oddball things from thrift stores, dollar stores, yard sales, etc.: weird toys, Asian stationery, bizarre coffee mugs, bowling bags and trophies...I could go on and on."

Because really, how can I deny the world delights like the 1961 paperback "Monica": "Joe Came to Sell Storm Windows and Almost Perished in a Blasting Hurricane of Love"?!

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Saramedic said...

Hi! I have a question about your cook county pics... please e-mail me at rnandmedic @gmail. I'm wondering if the operating theaters are still intact. And, I do want to know about the storm window salesman swept away in a hurricane...