Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fun with scanning

It's been an off week. I've really been down and unmotivated to write email I want to write, or to finally blog the story of the "Gary Glamour Gals" or the art show Saturday night. I have to get in a better mood to write some things inspired by yesterday (Roe v. Wade anniversary, celebrity death, 4-month "anniversary" of my urban exploring). It seems strange to say you need to cheer up to write about suicide (not saying that's what that celebrity's just something that came up and I had some musings about) but there you have it.

But hey--Mod as Hell, my second account on Flickr, is finally working out. As of yesterday, people are favoriting photos from it, as of today, they're commenting. More importantly, today I figured out the scanner part of the all-in-one machine I've had for a year. Scanning was easy, but my HP Photosmart Studio is a mess--it keeps freezing and I've had to restart the computer numerous times. I'm trying to scan some hilarious old science booklets I found in a certain school getting demolished. Anyway, here's a successful scan, one of those books I bought for its cover (but could actually be worth reading).

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