Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Welcome to my semi-anonymous blog

Okay, so here’s the rules (for now). I’m not ever putting my real name on here. I’ll promote the writing and art projects I do, with their titles, obviously; link to other sites that mention me or other things I’ve written; and publicize events I’ll be reading at (or cooking for, or performing at).

And when I know how I’ll put pictures up, including some of me. And in person I’ll tell people I have a blog, City of Destiny.

So it will be absurdly easy to figure out my true identity—fine. My only concern is that neither my first nor last name appear anywhere on the site. I’ll just keep using the initials “k.a.h.” (which I’ve used on some projects).

It’s too much trouble to try to be genderless here. If I say “boyfriend,” you’ll assume I’m a hetero female or gay male (or bi); but if I go on about dresses and hair dye and whatnot (hopefully I won’t), it’ll seem more likely I’m female. So I’ll just say it: I’m a woman. (K.H., Girl Blogger! [shudder])

My other semi-anonymous project, which I’ve now turned into a simple means to publicize THIS, is a sticker I’ve put around the city that says “Chicago is for loners.” (If you see it, it looks just like the “Virginia is for lovers” t-shirt slogan). Long story, won’t tell it now. It’s so gratifying to run into people who’ve seen the stickers and say, “Oh, you do that?”

See, I don’t know if I could ever do a completely anonymous project; my craving for recognition is just too intense.

All this is moot while I still don’t get ANY COMMENTS...

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