Friday, April 15, 2005

More from the endless introduction

This blog exists because the Web site promoting my book-in-progress, City of Destiny, is frozen until I find the information I used to (get someone else to) set it up, and I learn how to add to the site myself. So I wanted something out there while I figure out what to do with that site and the book, get in the habit of more frequent writing, and maybe even build up some sort of following. (Not that I expect to be another blogger who gets a book deal…)

I suppose I don’t need a theme or a niche for this blog, but it looks like it’s mostly about being a struggling writer in Chicago, trying to establish myself in the literary and art world. This probably won’t be a general political blog or general personal blog (I’d rather not write about my boyfriend or family here, at least not much).

At times in the past I’ve been very into going to indie rock shows, indie/foreign/classic films, protests and political meetings, galleries and museums. I haven’t kept up as much with those interests; my biggest thing the past year or so is reading and writing, especially getting involved in the local alternative/self-published literary scene. Open mikes, blogs, readings (at Quimby’s, the Hideout, Mojoe’s), local zines and magazines like Venus, Punk Planet, etc.

So I’ll record—in admittedly sometimes excruciating and/or embarrassing detail—how it’s going. How I’m promoting my work; readings and lectures I see, writers I talk to.

Next post: I just published a 72-page zine. I’ll say a bit about it, and a terrifying CTA bus mishap.
Coming up: A recap of something like 12 readings and lectures I’ve attended in 2 weeks. (“Chicago Antisocial” in the Reader already beat me to the punch on one, discussing the Banana King #2 release party. I thought that was her...)

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