Thursday, March 31, 2005

More for the March archives

I thought about starting this in April, but thought it'd be more fun to start at the end of March and have archives for one or two posts.

Brief (or not) history: I've read blogs here and there over the years, but not that many. I still had this impression of blogs being online personal diaries, and obviously many are, but then the "blogosphere" (that word makes me cringe) became a BIG DEAL politically...

City of Destiny will definitely have political content, but it's mostly a way to get in the habit of writing frequently, an easy way to keep in touch with people, a way to have an online presence while I figure out how to get my other Web sites going. I'm not sure how long I can maintain anonymity, or a facade of genderlessness.

Last weekend was my first real exposure to political blogs. Of course I read a lot about Terry Schiavo. I guess I'll wait to say anything about that. It was far more complicated than a "red state"/"blue state" divide. Disability perspectives were often left out, and Schiavo's eating disorder was mostly ignored.

Anyway...that's it for a little while; I'm trying to finish a zine (to be printed, on paper!) and this is mostly a distraction. A lot of the zine is about eating disorders--that was my excuse for spending so much time online last week.

Oh, referring to the silly debut post of mine: the significant other (that term makes me cringe, too, but I have to use it because of the aforementioned "genderlessness") did call me back--after 4 a.m.! That's okay; I stayed up till six.

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