Thursday, January 14, 2016

Kedzie and Elston

A photo from two years ago still at the beginning of a camera card I haven't totally cleared off (it has 2014, 2015, 2016 photos on it now). The building on the right is completely gone and the one on the left drastically changed into a mattress store, but these vacant buildings were a sight I enjoyed passing.

This is Addison (E-W street) / Kedzie (N-S) / Elston (diagonal), the border of Avondale and Irving Park neighborhoods/community areas. Within a block or so of this corner: a 24-hour Jewel supermarket (a great thing to have in walking distance, I like Tony's better and it's closer to me but not open very late), a fancy coffee place/bakery (Sugar Hills, other locations are in suburbs), a burrito place and a Chinese buffet I've still never been to, a White Castle that was my first White Castle I ever went in before I moved to the neighborhood, then didn't get back to until it'd been completely torn down and rebuilt (and is quite nice and still 24 hours), a Chipotle, a diner that's pretty cheap and good and I'd visit more if it didn't close at 2 pm (and is completely closed Tuesday, which often seems to be the day I get the urge to go) (I didn't make it in in 2015 at all), a 24-hour Dunkin' Donuts that's my favorite of the 3 closest to me (not just because it's open late)...and this is four blocks south of another corner of 24-hour businesses (Walgreens, another cheap diner). And two blocks north of Revolution Brewing's excellent brewery and tap room.

Anyway. I like having a walkable neighborhood (aside from a few horrifying intersections) and walking or biking a lot is how I happened to get this photo. Not a spectacular sight but something you may miss a little when it's gone.

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