Friday, March 25, 2011


Just trying to make sure I post at least once a week, and signed into Blogger, not just posting from Flickr. This photo, of public art/decoration in downtown Highland Park, IL, on a brief visit via Metra last Sunday afternoon, just screams SPRING. Especially the dreary spring we've had here so far (the old "lousy Smarch weather" Simpsons reference has been most useful); it was cold that day, and since.

This photo also happened to be my first photo of the day on in quite some time (I hadn't been submitting many), not since they redesigned the site so it cycles through the past few weeks' worth of photos (and I couldn't find a permalink. But trust me, it was there), so that was nice.

I was neither up to doing a proper photoessay on my recent suburban trips (or other travels) nor writing a personal piece tonight; I really need to work on the blogroll I've barely touched since early-mid-2010. Bear with me as it changes...and so does the blog design...

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