Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Under repairs

I should have just found some kitschy old image that would signify "closed for repairs" and put it up a while ago. Well, blog's not closed, I still mysteriously get a hit or two a day of photos here showing up in my Flickr stats. But I AM going to drastically redo the blogroll--adding at least one new category, combining others, fixing the links of people who keep changing to new sites (some photographers I know, ahem), getting depressed at which blogs are now set to private, etc. I'd really like to change this to a three-column format, but Blogger bizarrely doesn't offer any as an option. Learning to split it into 3 columns myself (I've already searched this out) would be preferable to trying to move the whole blog over to Wordpress, however.

I've finally put the effort into getting a feed for blogs I follow (Bloglines) and bookmarking (Delicious), and I've got a new email address (I don't think I ever put the old one up here, which actually prompted a few people to start Flickr accounts just so they could email me there!) I'll post, and I may have started or restarted a few other places online, so there'll be a lot more "where else to find me" stuff here soon.

I even impulsively started a Tumblr blog and posted a couple dozen times, but because 1) virtually no one I know is on Tumblr 2) no one I'm following there added me back 3) it's just not very interactive, I will be...get ready for this...starting a SECOND blog on Blogger. It's for a different audience but I trust there'll be some overlap. It means I have to repost all my Tumblr content on Blogger, but at least I decided on that quickly (so it won't be like how I was uploading Flickr photos from the wrong directory for my first 6 months and then had to replace 1500 photos one by one). My brilliant theory is that I'll be signed in all the time to keep THAT blog frequently updated, so I'll have no excuse not to be signed into THIS blog all the time. Because I haven't been...since spring. Did I mention that many times already?

Also! I'll probably change the template here, though I do like this one quite a bit.

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