Saturday, March 07, 2009

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$1.29, now $2.89: Office Depot going-out-of-business sale FAIL
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So on this Flickr photo I said "someone should blog this" and since it appears to not be exactly huge breaking news, I guess it'll have to be me. The next paragraph is the text I put on the caption (there's a little more discussion on the actual photo):

Wow. I'd heard this happens at some closing stores, now I've got proof. I'd noticed the Evergreen Park Office Depot was closing, with deep discounts on everything, and finally made it there Thursday. I haven't shopped at Office Depot in a while, but I did find it odd that nearly all the merchandise had price stickers on it, and the prices of pens, stickers, etc. seemed high. I noticed almost all the price cards in the plastic holders were gone. Then looking at these colored pencils, I saw this package has a $2.89 sticker on it...and the price card of $1.29 was STILL THERE. So these are 40 or 50% off of $2.89. Do the math, the "clearance" price is higher than what the store used to charge! I took this photo, put back the markers and pencils I'd selected, and only bought some 59 cent glue sticks and two laminated Rand McNally maps (the price is printed on them, so I knew they couldn't scam me on those). There were some items, like phone cords, where the price card and sticker matched, but I'm suspicious of the prices on a lot of the stuff here...BTW there was a 12-pack of smaller colored pencils, but it was also more than $1.29...but if there's some logical explanation for this I've missed, I'd like to hear it.

In addition: I discovered this sale while looking for another going-out-of-business store in that shopping plaza (which I don't think existed). It took me almost a week to get back. I wasn't planning to buy much (I'm sure I have unused stuff from the closing sale of the Office Depot that used to be near North & Wells, and has been a gym for many years), but I did want to stock up on basics. So this was a bit of a letdown, but worth it to get this shot. This is why I'd tell people it's such a good idea to carry a camera at all times...well, it meant more to say that before so many people got cell phone cameras...

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Anonymous said...

I was at the Office Depot by the Walmart in Skokie/Niles just yesterday. I went there hoping to get a deal on some ink but they didn't have my numbers. A few news outlets talked about this when Linens N Things was going out of business about how these liquidation companies come in and actually jack up the prices to make it think you are getting a deal. This is why I didn't bother going to Circuit City recently because I knew nothing would really be discounted.