Thursday, February 12, 2009

do come back

come again
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It's not just that my Flickr account has been infinitely more active and better than my blog, it's that my *secondary* Flickr account (which a lot of people have finally noticed and added recently--thanks!) is infinitely more active and better than my blog. For instance, here's the back cover of "A Trip Through the Chicago Sun-Times," a 24-page booklet giving you a tour of the now-demolished Sun-Times Building and a look at newspaper production circa the late 1950s. Perhaps I should put pages of it on here and discuss it, but instead I'll just point you to the set (click on this photo and you'll find it; it's in order).

I've had a lack of motivation keeping me from adding to the blogroll, reading anyone else's blog, registering or re-registering to leave comments on others' blogs, etc. I've been overwhelmed with so many ideas of things I should write and hampered by an ill-fated idea to restart a "52 Weeks" self-portrait project on Flickr with each photo linking to a blog post...of course, I wasn't writing the blog posts and wasn't sure which photos and stories to choose,, never mind. Also, if you've followed the K of C Flickr page, you've noticed a new hobby/obsession developing...and that WILL be the next post here.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't we all just love comment spam? Of course we will all be back! Never left.

Katherine said...

yikes, I didn't even see that till today (2/25), deleted now. thanks for following the blog when I haven't even been following it myself!