Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Current events

Found at a semi-abandoned hospital, Nov. 2007.

"Some famous guy's house" was my original title to a different version of this photo on Flickr (which recently got picked up by a French news website!). Seen at the beginning of the Chicago Architecture Foundation's Kenwood tour in Sept. 2008. I wanted to make sure I caught the Kenwood tour this year in case this family is living in a different house next year...

Hope, and cynicism. Seen at Chicago & Leavitt in Ukrainian Village, Chicago, Oct. 2008.

More hope. Broadway in Denver, Oct. 2008.

Barack Obama merchandise. 16th Street Mall in Denver, Oct. 2008.

More merchandise, Eastern Market, Detroit, Aug. 2008. I always thought it'd be a great project to get out and document the fascinating assortment of Obama t-shirts for sale, especially around Chicago, but didn't get around to it. Chicago Public Radio had a good story about it this summer, at least.

Downtown Denver, Oct. 2008.

That's it? That's all the Obama/campaign-related photos I got, though I've taken tens of thousands of photos in numerous cities this year? I wish I'd done more.

Honestly, I'm not someone who's expecting a lot of "change," but I will vote. I've never voted in a presidential election before (well, what do you expect, I am only 20 after all!) (note to anyone who stumbles on this: I'm older than 20).

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